The upcoming Survival Server Patriam

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What are we?

A upcoming Minecraft Server dedicated to deliver the best experience possible to players of all ages. Explore the custom trees and caverns, find houses that store great loot, or make a farm for yourself with our animals! We strive to fufill your needs when it comes to Minecraft, and we make sure we do not dissapoint you with our custom server!


We have our own custom overworld and end dimension waiting to be conquered by you! With custom mobs, natrual spawned houses and towers, we want to make it as fun as possible! With 90% uptime, constant 15+ TPS, we want to make your experience the most satisying it can possibly be!

Why join us?

We have constant changes, we add new features every week. We listen to the community and make polls to see what the players want. We have giveaways, voting rewards, crates, and more! We have a friendly staff team, active owners and overall amazing community!

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